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Is the signal of the 5G industrial router stable? How to dea

Is the signal of the 5G industrial router stable? How to deal with signal problems?
1. What should I do if the 5G industrial router signal suddenly disappears?
1. Your new router supports dual-band integrated technology, which combines 2.4G and 5G WiFi at the same time. So the 5g wireless signal did not disappear, but shared the WiFi name with 2.4G. This machine can automatically select a better signal according to the location of the device, connect quickly, and avoid the trouble of manually switching WiFi frequency bands.
2. The default setting is the WiFi function of the 5G industrial router. If there is no problem with your mobile phone/computer, you can search and connect to the 5GHz WiFi normally. When the mobile phone/computer cannot find 5GHz WiFi, it may not support 5GHz WiFi. Definitely can't find a 5G WiFi signal.
Now, except for very old models, most mainstream mobile phones support dual-band WiFi. In addition, if the computer itself does not support 5GHz WiFi, and you want to use 5GHz WiFi, it is recommended that the computer be configured with a dual-band wireless network card.
2. After the router relays the previous router, why does the WiFi signal of the sub-router disappear?
When the router 5g (second-level router) successfully connects to the previous router using the ordinary relay function, the WiFi name and password of the second-level router will be automatically synchronized with the upper-level router and will not disappear. That is, the WiFi name and password of the secondary route are the same as those of the main route, so it is easy to think that the WiFi of the second route has disappeared. After connecting to this WiFi, the mobile phone and other devices will automatically switch between the main route and the secondary route according to the movement of the device. If you do not want the WiFi signal name of the secondary router to be the same as that of the upper router, you can enter the secondary router setting interface and modify the WiFi name and password.
3. The reason why the WiFi in the laptop shows scrambled code?
When some laptops scan for WiFi signals, when the WiFi name of your router is set to Chinese, garbled characters will appear. This reason is important. Maybe some notebook systems do not support displaying Chinese signal names. However, WiFi gibberish doesn't matter. You can still connect and surf the Internet normally.
4. Why does the WiFi signal "disappear" every day?
When the "WiFi timing switch function" is set, WiFi will be turned off at a specific time every day. When WiFi is off, we can't find WiFi signal. If you turn on this function accidentally, you can turn it off through the router settings interface or the router 5g smart management application. The 5G industrial router goes into the kit - WiFi time switch, then off.
5. How do I connect if I encounter a hidden WiFi signal?
The device will not be able to scan for the router after hiding the WiFi name. To connect, the correct WiFi name and password must be entered manually.