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The development prospects of 5G industrial router in 2022

The development prospects of 5G industrial router in 2022, early to see early to know
With the official commercialization of 5G, more and more enterprises and individuals are enjoying the benefits of the new technological changes brought about by the 5G network. 5G network has three main features: high capacity, high speed, and low latency, which makes people turn their attention to the Internet of Things, which has a rich development prospect in this regard, and people hope to realize the functional applications of the Internet of Things through 5G. As the basis of all this, the ability to use 5G industrial router with everyone's expectations for the development of practical applications of the Internet of Things was born
The development prospect of 5G industrial router in 2022
    As the basis of IoT communication, industrial routers need to realize the connection of information communication to many hardware devices at the same time also hope that such industrial routers can withstand more fields of extreme environment operation work. In response to such functional requirements, a product with high protection level, fast field operation, which can provide fiber-like access rate, low latency and high-density device access capability, and even break through geographical and single-industry restrictions, has become an immediate need for many enterprises. In response to this market demand, after one year of independent research and development, the SR800 industrial 5G wireless router has become the industry leader, and is widely welcomed by Huawei, H3C, Fiberhome, and Shenzhen Telecom, and other domestic communication vendors.
    The development prospect of 5G industrial router in 2022
    5G industrial routers support 5G multi-mode, independent SA and NSA (non-independent) network deployment, extremely high data upload and download rates and extremely high data transmission security, stability and other features have become the mainstream of the current market selling point, the market hopes to use these features to add to the development of the Internet of Things, can better promote many still in the theoretical or pilot stage of the Internet of Things applications can be put into practice, so that these still in the conception of the Internet of Things applications closer to people's lives earlier, popularized and promoted.
    For the above reasons, the market hopes that 5G industrial routers can achieve the following functions.
    1、Support LTE/3G/PPPoE/DHCP/static address and other communication methods, wired and wireless backup each other.
    2、Support APN/VPDN data security transmission.
    3、Support IPsec, L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN, GRE and l2tpoverIpsec and other mainstream protocols.
    4、Support DHCPserver, DHCP, DDNS, firewall, NAT, DMZ host, QoS, traffic statistics and other functions.
    5、Support TCP/IP, UDP/IP, FTP, HTTP, MODBUS-TCP, MODBUS-RTU and other network protocols.
    6、Support SPI firewall, DoS anti-attack, VPN traversal, access control, port mapping, DMZ mapping, access control function (ACL) and other functions.
    The development prospects of 5G industrial routers in 2022
    At the same time and because of the limitations of the site, for industrial routers also want his smaller size is best to be in the palm of a hand or so, while the weight should not be too heavy, with a long endurance, such requirements can facilitate the installation and use of users to avoid more trouble.
    It is because of the powerful 5G industrial router that it has a wider range of applications. As the first 5G industrial router supplier in the international market, SmartBoton has developed products suitable for data collection and and remote transmission in industrial sites, remote maintenance and control of equipment, lifecycle management of large equipment, parsing and conversion of various types of communication protocols, and other IoT application scenarios in the industrial field. It will achieve more brilliant achievements in factories, stations, shopping malls, hotels, railroads, electric power, help terminal industry, smart grid, industrial automation, intelligent buildings, fire fighting, public safety, environmental protection, meteorology, digital medical, agriculture, water and other fields, let's wait and see.