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5g/4g industrial wireless router procurement considerations

5g/4g industrial wireless router procurement considerations Key points
What are the procurement considerations for industrial wireless routers? What are the key parameters to pay attention to? The following 5g, 4g industrial router purchase points for your reference.
Selection of industrial wireless router, you need to measure the interface configuration, whether to meet the project equipment access, as well as networking requirements of the network port.

  The security is the ambassador of 4G industrial router, data in the transmission process is stable and orderly, but data omission or theft problem can not be ignored. 4G industrial routers are mostly with APV / VPN security tunnel, data transmission through a dedicated tunnel more secure. Dedicated industrial routers have VPN function for data transmission, VPN transmission protocols are more, of which PPTP, L2TP protocols are very commonly used, other transmission protocols are relatively cold, only on projects with special requirements, so there is no special requirements, it is not necessary to prepare a variety of protocols for VPN.
  Firewall is a security barrier between LAN and WAN, through the basic settings of firewall, you can block off part of the intranet IP address, freely set IP address and filter communication ports, etc. More importantly, it prevents hacking and virus invasion, which is an important guarantee for safe data transmission. If which 4G industrial router does not have a firewall, then you can basically give up the choice.
4, watchdog protection
  Watchdog protection function is the use of timers to monitor the main program running, MCU normal work, every once in a while output a signal, the process is called feeding the dog watchdog protection is mainly for the need to operate constantly for a long time to provide security features to avoid the 4G industrial router crash, when the system problems can be quickly restored to normal working condition. Stability is the core factor in the quality of transmission equipment, as critical as the human heart, high-quality 4G industrial router equipment using high-precision components.
5、Signal stability
Industrial routers are often used in remote areas or harsh outdoor environments, product quality and the stability of the wireless signal to ensure that the data transmission work.