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5G router with such features? There must be a need to choose

5G router with such features? There must be a need to choose
Ordinary routers use a frequency range of 2.4hz, while 5G routers use a frequency range of 5HZ, which is usually a gigabit wireless router. In comparison, the 5G band has the advantages of stronger anti-interference, more stable signal, wider coverage, and higher data transmission bottleneck. This article reveals the powerful features of 5G industrial routers

Features of 5G routers
1、Good anti-jamming performance
5G band signal is high, which has a great impact on the penetration wall, resulting in less interference between routers. And the signal is very stable.
2.Fast transmission speed
If you use 100MB broadband, the router is below 5G, the actual measurement of 5G industrial router network speed up to 10MB per second, while the 2.4G industrial router download speed of 4 to 6 trillion times per second. Of course, this depends on the broadband in your area.
3、Requirements for sending and receiving equipment
For example, some old cell phones and laptops do not support 5G, so the router can not find its signal even below 5G, so you need to buy a special wireless network card.
Industrial use to choose 2.4G industrial router or 5G industrial router?
2.4g and 5G refer to the transmitting frequency of wireless router respectively. Among them, the 2.4GHz frequency is the most widely used and is supported by almost all computers and smartphone devices.
However, because 2.4G is commonly used, the problem is that severe interference can slow down the data transmission rate.
5G is designed to avoid interference problems because fewer people are currently using 5G. It's like a new highway with fewer cars on the road and another 2.4g "old road" that's already congested.