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5G router everyone likes, so what is the effect of turning o

5G router everyone likes, so what is the effect of turning off the 5G?
It can make the WiFi signal of connected devices more stable

1, router off 5G can make all the antennas of the router are working at 5GHz frequency, and if 2.4GHz and 5GHz work at the same time, the antennas will be allocated according to the need, so after closing the 5GHz signal, the number of antennas is more signal relatively more stable.
2, 2.4GHz signal is stronger through the wall, so for cell phones, tablets and other devices that need to move around in various rooms often, when the device and the router are not in the same room can be normal Internet access; and from stronger through the wall, and more antennas, so the 2.4GHz WiFi signal can be transmitted to a longer distance, suitable for a relatively large indoor space.
3, what does wireless 5G router mean?5G Wi-Fi (802.11ac) refers to the operation in the 5Ghz radio wave band, higher wireless transmission speed is the most important feature of 5G Wi-Fi. The industry believes that the entry-level speed of 5G Wi-Fi is 433Mbps, which is at least three times the current Wi-Fi rate, and some high-performance 5G Wi-Fi can also reach more than 1Gbps.