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What are the applications of 5G industrial gateways for remo

What are the applications of 5G industrial gateways for remote control of devices?
What are the remote control applications of 5G industrial gateways?
By using 5G, automatic control, edge computing and other technologies to build or upgrade equipment control systems, and by deploying devices such as 5G industrial gateways on industrial equipment, cameras, sensors and other data collection terminals to realize the networking of industrial equipment and various data collection terminals, equipment controllers can remotely obtain panoramic high-definition video images of production sites and various terminal data in real time through 5G networks, and realize real-time precise control of industrial equipment on site through equipment control systems, effectively ensuring fast, accurate and reliable execution of control commands. 
Application conditions: The enterprise industrial equipment has completed automation transformation, has open industrial communication protocol interface, and has a stable and reliable 5G network environment.
Adopt "5G wireless + 5G edge computing + cloud platform" group? The 5G CPE/industrial gateway provides a 5G network to connect sensors, processors, PLCs, etc. at the production site, enabling communication between control devices and robots at the factory site to achieve multi-functional and complex work; and the 5G CPE/industrial gateway supports access to the cloud management platform for horizontal multi-factory collaboration and vertical supply chain interconnection. For the factory private network environment to ensure that data is not shipped out, the cloud platform is deployed to the customer server to achieve centralized management and monitoring and maintenance of factory terminal equipment