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Can industrial routers be placed at home? What are the advan

Can industrial routers be placed at home? What are the advantages and benefits of industrial routers.
Is it true that industrial routers are suitable for application at home?
  The answer is no doubt, industrial routers can not only replace home routers, but also be used in all normal applications at home.
Industrial routers have more and more advantages in operation.
1. Industrial routers have extremely strong anti-interference and reliability in work. To deal with wet and cold, dry, high-temperature indoor air, the same can still be applied.
2. Industrial router selection of excellent performance CPU, data processing methods work more powerful, can accommodate dozens of people online. The role of the industrial router can make the wireless network has a higher carrying capacity with the amount of aircraft, higher transmission speed, and not easy to disconnect, to produce a better feeling online at home.
3. A large number of ospf protocol, the security factor is greatly improved. Prevent scuffing easily, industrial router strong vpn, static routing, etc., to ensure that the network information security, not to be invaded to steal.
4. Industrial routers can complete long-term endurance, without the need to rest on time standby.
  According to the integrated placement within the 5G industrial router, so that the 5G industrial router more networking role, the enterprise management software and 5G router connected devices within a local area network, without dedicated line transport to ensure networking, also has the following advantages.
1) Deployment and installation, convenient and easy
  Only need to install on the system software background management field networking program process, and associated with the same official website account password, you can fully automatic establishment of field networking Internet;
(2)Convenient networking, high scalability
  Reach the random scale of the enterprise to increase the deletion of group members, according to the computer browser can complete the network security management and maintenance, without professional equipped with professional and technical personnel, reduce maintenance costs;
(3) Data encryption, smooth security
  The data information between the group members is selected according to the RSA/AES asymmetric encryption algorithm to carry out the transmission communication, and the strong cluster server is applicable to ensure the stability and reliability of the network.
  A 5G industrial router that can be individually networked can help companies save money on dedicated transportation and reduce costs while improving efficiency. It also allows it to have core competitiveness in the 5G industrial router industry, killing two birds with one stone.
  Industrial production-grade wired routers have the advantages of low cost, low technical standards, transmission data security, and high sensitivity. Picking a most suitable wireless router, such level must be fully considered, and 5G industrial grade router can be a step in the right direction.
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