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What is the difference between a 5G aggregation router and

What is the difference between a 5G aggregation router and a regular router, and what impact does it bring to everyone?
A 5G aggregation router is a device that meets the needs of outdoor wireless networks through cellular networks. Not only is there no wiring hassle, but the frequency can be reused. And with the development of LTE and 5G networks, the demand for industrial routers is rapidly increasing. And SmartBoton's 5G aggregation routers can communicate through devices, machines, applications and cloud services. It is faster, cheaper and more reliable than traditional wired routers, and provides backup connectivity for wired connections.
The 5G aggregation router supports simultaneous 4G/5G online and hot-plugging; dual-band WiFi can build multiple networking options. Automation plants can choose 5G aggregation routers instead of WiFi devices. As a backup line outside the fiber optic network, the sensors, robotic arms and industrial cameras of the production line can interact with the manufacturing cloud at high speed through the 5G network. The control center is monitored via a large screen and remote control via a tablet greatly improves production management efficiency.
Nowadays, the 5G aggregation router of SmartBoton has been applied to emergency command platforms, video conferencing, vehicle terminals, video acquisition and interconnection, interconnection, mutual control and interoperability applications between various systems and devices. It can provide a stable and high-speed network environment to realize the visualization of emergency command, on-site image dispatching and remote video conferencing, thus realizing rapid response to emergencies and scientific command and decision-making.