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Commercial? industry? 5G? Wifi6? Huasifei launched WS1688, f

Commercial? industry? 5G? Wifi6? Huasifei launched WS1688, full-featured hot online
An industrial router is a year-round outdoor worker who stands guard at a high position all the time. It is different from indoor network construction, because the complex environment has extremely high requirements for network equipment and networking solutions for industrial routers. This is the fundamental difference between the two.
Recently, Huasifei Electronics has launched an industrial 5G router WS1688. This router can be used in outdoor and changeable environments, and enjoy Wifi6 at home, providing a lot of network security for everyone.

Next, let's take a look at its other features:
5G Pioneer Comprehensive Transcendence/Strength Choice Enjoy Future Routing
1800M full gigabit|Dual-core CPU I 256MB large memory|Remote management|Intelligent hard core anti-intrusion
6 core advantages, high cost performance you deserve
Strong signal/three-dimensional enhanced signal, sufficient traffic/fast network, 5G router/wide coverage and fast speed, multi-person sharing/support 64 device connections, dual-frequency high-speed/independent wifi chip is faster, 5G communication/5G signal is stronger faster and more stable
Support NSA SA dual-mode 5G high-speed experience
Support NSA SA dual-mode 5G, IoT card gigabit experience fast network at all times
All gigabit ports meet domestic 1800M high-speed broadband access
Provide 1 Gigabit WAN port and 3 LAN ports, relying on powerful processor performance Z2101AX-T can make full use of every megabit broadband, draining the gigabit broadband of operators
High-performance 8 antennas, strong signal to end WiFi dead spots
Equipped with 4 detachable and 4 non-detachable high-performance external antennas with precise spacing adjustment, longer coverage and faster transmission speed
Advanced beamforming technology concentrates WiFi firepower and makes the best use of the network
Intelligently analyze the distance and direction of networked devices, automatically track and locate, directional push enhanced signals, and maintain stable transmission speed
Wireless black technology No matter how many devices are connected at the same time, it will not freeze
The data transmission channel is doubled, and the communication efficiency of multiple devices at the same time is improved by 100%, even if there is interference nearby, the transmission speed will not be affected
All-scenario 5G new experience
Whether it is construction, traffic management, or automated financial management, the WS1688 router WiFi can always accompany you, providing you with a high-quality and stable full-scenario 5G new experience