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Product warranty policy
1. Warranty period:
Counted from the product purchase date, the warranty is one year. If the power adapter has obvious hard object damage, cracks, broken feet, severe deformation, broken power cord, broken wire, bare core, etc., it will not be guaranteed and replaced, and the user can purchase it separately.
2. Warranty restrictions:
If the following situations occur, the warranty qualification will be lost:
A) The label on the back of the router is torn;
B) Product failure or damage caused by installation, use, maintenance, and storage not in accordance with the requirements of the instruction manual;
C) The warranty period has expired;
D) Accidental factors or human actions cause damage to the product, such as improper input voltage, high temperature, liquid ingress, mechanical damage, breakage, severe oxidation or rusting of the product, etc.;
E) The damage caused by the transportation during the return of the customer;
F) Failure or damage caused by force majeure (such as fire, earthquake, etc.) or natural disaster (such as lightning strike, etc.);
G) Third-party firmware or programs.
3, product maintenance:
Only the damaged items will be returned for the repaired product (if there is a power supply product, please send the power supply together). Leave a note in the package to indicate: account number, order number, telephone number, name, delivery address, and reason for testing. Send it back within 10 working days after receiving the goods.