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Public Bicycle Rental - Wireless Networking Solution

     The public bicycle rental project requires an intelligent system that integrates all the public bicycles in the city with automation, high efficiency and low cost. Uniform and standardized management of all public bicycles in the city to prevent the occurrence of various uncivilized behaviors and man-made damage.
     Realize the unified video surveillance, lease information management and statistics, lease time accounting, site environment and bicycle usage status monitoring for multi-site bicycles through the 4G router of RuiTeng thinking, and use 3G/4G network to ensure wireless transmission rate. Reliability, which ensures the bicycle rental information and the statistical analysis of the card issuance center database, and also ensures real-time monitoring and remote scheduling maintenance of the video. This will help operators to grasp the rental status of bicycles at each site in a timely manner, provide reliable data support for subsequent operations, management and maintenance, and effectively improve the management level of public bicycle rental and the operating efficiency of operators.