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Smart express cabinet

The self-service express cabinet business is developing rapidly, and the urban deployment point and operation and maintenance management work will be more and more. The self-service express cabinet operation unit hopes to manage these terminal nodes in a wireless remote manner, through the 4G industrial grade of Rui Teng thinking. The router solves the problem of remote networking of the express cabinet, instead of the traditional wired transmission mode, brings convenience to the deployment of the self-service express cabinet, and completely solves the problem of wireless networking and remote management of the "last mile" end logistics terminal.
  The intelligent express cabinet networking solution realizes the wireless networking of the intelligent express cabinet by establishing a data channel by using the RuiTeng 4G router and the monitoring center server host. Timely analysis and processing of express cabinet information, express mail information, user information, etc., to facilitate customers to self-service pickup, improve the efficiency of the express salesman.